10 best single malt scotch whiskies

A scotch single malt is a drink like no other, synonymous with the sophistication of James Bond yet sewn into the fabric of proud working class life. It’s a drink that demands appreciation and another glass. Mark Twain mused that “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough”, and we can’t help but agree. Despite a lot of competition in recent years from the Far East and elsewhere, we think there are still ample grounds to argue that there’s no beating the classic scotc

14 best American whiskies

The vastness of America, both in terms of geography and its taste for whiskey, means that there is a great, diverse array of spirits available. So, first things first: let’s get through some jargon. Bourbon is a whiskey made up of at least 51 per cent corn, rye whiskey must have at least 51 per cent rye, and a wheat whiskey needs to clock up at 51 per cent of – you guessed it – wheat. A corn whiskey, however, needs be at least 80 per cent corn.

What's It Like to Lose Your Stand Up Virginity?

I wasn’t to hear the deathly whistle for around two hours, but I could already feel my heart rate jump as I came through the door, my palms growing sweaty. Theo, one of the owners, was behind the bar, and we exchanged mirrored wry smiles; we both knew what tonight was. My first stand-up gig. I suppose I’ve reached the point of desperation (and arrogance) where my only hope in life is to command the attention of strangers, confident in the fact that listening to me is exactly what they should be doing with their precious time.

8 best world whiskies

Gone are the days when Scotland and Ireland were the final word in whisky – everybody is having a pop now, from the Canadians to the Taiwanese. The whisky market has really opened up. The internet has helped smaller distilleries gain international distribution and recognition, as well as facilitating imports of the finest distilling equipment. So Scotland’sbeen knocked off its pedestal of whisky nirvana somewhat. Expert Jim Murray’s annual Whisky Bible has only named one Scotch winner of Whisky

7 best men's belts

The inclusion or exclusion of a belt can make or break an outfit. It’s a staple. So what do you have to consider when buying one? The most important things to determine are versatility and durability. A good belt should go with a lot of outfits and will last you a very long time – so don’t be deterred by something a little more expensive. Here are a range of choices, from high-quality Italian leather to more relaxed fabric options. Our picks are from the high street, but sit alongside some des

8 best Japanese whiskies

When asked about whisky and where to get it from, your average Joe will tell you that Scotland is the home of whisky, and that the nation has a monopoly on the mysterious, ancient art of distilling. However, in the last couple of years, we have seen a seismic shift in the production of whisky. There has been a surge in the Far East, with the Japanese now producing world-leading whiskies, with two powerhouses leading the charge: Nikka and Suntory.
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